Voltaic Line (TotA)

Voltaic Line as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Voltaic Line (ヴォルテックライン Vorutikkurain?) is an archery-based technique in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

When the Voltaic Line arte is used, the user releases a lightning-infused projectile capable of piercing through its target and hitting other foes behind it. In Tales of the Abyss, this arte can activated by using Piercing Line within a complete Wind or Light FOF Circle to alter it into Voltaic Line. Piercing Line's influence can be seen in this arte's piercing animation. Additionally, the arcane arte Ravaging Thunder (紫光雷牙閃 Shikou Raigasen?) is visually similar to Volatic Line, a nod to the relationship between its user, the God-General Largo, and Voltaic Line's user, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. In Tales of Hearts, this arte is a combination arte requiring Kor Meteor's Raijinken and Hisui Hearts's Arataka. In it, Kor charges Hisui's weapon with electricity, which he uses to fire a blast of lightning that travels through enemies.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

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