Vortigern (ToB)
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Region Westgand
A royal navy fortress spanning the strait between Northgand and Westgand. Its massive gates control passage through those waters.

Vortigern, Sea Gate Fortress (海門要塞ヴォーティガン Kaimonyousai Vootigan?) is a location in Tales of Berseria, the base surrounding the gates of Vortigern that hinder entrance to the Holy Midgand Empire.


Vortigern is a military base that guards the narrow northern sea route between Northgand and Westgand.


Vortigern's main function is to prevent the entrance of daemons and other threats to the Empire, but it also allows the Empire to have a stranglehold on trade from the north. Initially said to be impregnable, the fortress is infiltrated by Velvet Crowe and her team. They open the gate and allow the Van Eltia to go to Loegres.


  • Like other locations in Tales of Zesitria and Tales of Berseria, Vortigern draws its name from Arthurian legend. It comes from Vortigern, a possibly fictional British warlord who has become associated with Arthurian fiction.

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