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Weasand of Cados
Weasand of Cados (ToV)
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Desier

The Weasand of Cados (カドスの喉笛 Kadosu no Nodobue?) is a cavern dungeon located between Nordopolica and Mantaic on the continent of Desier in Tales of Vesperia. It is described as a cave in the Cados Mountains (カドス山脈 Kadosu Sanmyaku?) and serves as a nest to vicious monsters.


First Arrival

The group chases Regaey to the Weasand of Cados in order to retrieve the box he stole back in Nordopolica, but there is no sign of him. Estelle and Raven deduce that he escaped through the cave in order to reach the other side of the mountain. Karol Capel then informs the group they are in the Weasand of Cados, home to a dangerous monster named "Pteropus" that lives in the dungeon. Judith states Regaey must have went inside without knowing this fact. Suddenly, Repede finds him hiding behind a wall, hoping the group would pass by him. When Yuri Lowell asks what he is trying to gain by setting them up at the coliseum in Nordopolica, and when Rita Mordio orders him to give back the box he stole, he calls forth members from Leviathan's Claw to cover him while he escapes. After the struggle, the group assumes Ruins' Gate and Leviathan's Claw are connected somehow. When Karol asks how a famous guild like Ruins' Gate could do something like this, Judith moves ahead, stating Regaey will get away if they fail to hurry. However, Karol reminds the group of the monster, and Raven states he cannot go far from Nordopolica without getting his letter to Belius; he also states that, if he fails to do so, Don Whitehorse will give him an even more tedious job. The group moves forward and leaves Raven behind, though he follows anyway.

Further inside, the group finds Regaey on the other side of a cave river. Suddenly, the water begins to glow, and the group soon realizes that the substance in the river is not water but aer. The event reminds Rita of what happened in Keiv Moc, which leads her to believe there is an aer krene in the cave as well. When Raven asks what the group plans to do, Yuri suggests they continue, but Judith hesitates, claiming it to be too dangerous. Regaey thanks his good fortune and runs, but he becomes blocked by more concentrated aer. The mountain then begins to shake, and a giant dragon appears. Yuri asks Karol if the creature is the monster he referred to earlier, but Karol claims he has never seen anything like this creature. The dragon begins to absorb the aer into itself, resulting in the surrounding area becoming unstable. Everyone is only able to move again once the aer becomes stabilized, and Regaey escapes again. Rita enters the aer flow, suggesting it safe to traverse. Hoping to study the aer krene, Rita is thwarted by the group, who persuades her in continuing their pursuit. At the exit, the group catches Regaey, who is being blocked by a wall of bats.

Repede manages retrieve the box from Regaey, but Regaey soon reveals himself to be Yeager, leader of Leviathan's Claw. Yeager then mentions Ragou's fate. When Estelle asks what happened to Ragou, Yeager tells the group that the Imperial Knights found his body face-down in a riverbed near Heliord. Estelle then attempts to stop Yeager from once again escaping, but Gauche and Droite appear and clear a path through the bats for him to escape. The bats then group together to form the "Pteropus" and knock the twins backward. After defeating the monster, Estelle heals the twins, but Gauche tells her not to bother as they do not need help from enemies. Estelle tells the twins they cannot go very far with their injuries, but the twins disappear in a could of smoke. Rita feels the heat from outside the cave, and Judith confirms they have arrived at the Sands of Kogorh. Estelle decides to meet Phaeroh, and the group goes with her, affirming it is their job to protect her. Judith informs the group that the desert is divided into three regions: the western foothills, the eastern peaks, and its center, where it is the hottest. She also informs them of a town located between the end of the western foothills and central area. Yuri decides the group should delay in making any decisions until they reach the desert town.

Flynn's Barricade

After hearing the brigade of Flynn Scifo has formed a barricade in the cave, Yuri and his allies decide to sneak through it. Once inside, the group notices the brigade standing guard, confirming the barricade is Flynn's doing. To pass, Raven fires an arrow that explodes on impact, startling a nearby steed. While the brigade is distracted, the group moves swiftly to avoid capture. At the aer krene, Yuri allows Rita study it but tells her not to take long. She notes that the aer krene is now inactive, but it was overflowing previously. Suddenly, Repede notices the brigade approaching, and the group manages to move forward to the exit. At the exit, the Schwann Brigade blocks the path, so Raven shouts a military command, causing the brigade to stand at attention and allow Raven and the baffled group members to pass. Despite this, the group mindfully continues toward Nordopolica.


  • A weasand is a geographical term denoting a narrow place.
  • One of the Giganto monsters, "Hermet Drill", is located here.

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