Ymir Forest

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Ymir Forest in the ToP Animation

Ymir Forest as it appears in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation.

Ymir Forest is a pond and bridge-like area in Tales of Symphonia which surrounds the city of the elves, Heimdall, located in Tethe'alla.


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The party travels through Ymir Forest in order to get to Heimdall and ask about a "Mana Leaf Herb" to help cure Colette Brunel's angelic illness. As the group comes to the end of the forest, they are stopped by a small, elven child. Agreeing to help him, they search for the "Ymir Fruit" in order to heal the child's mother. After bring the fruit to him, he remarks that not all humans are like he thoughts, and allows them through to Heimdall.


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